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Black Mahara

219 EUR

  • Lovely combination of a wide comfortable trouser (Marlene-Cut) with elastic waistband and a long cut turtleneck pullover
  • Italian fabric containing 88% wool and 12% polyamid
  • A black in black herringbone pattern evolves this very elegant appearance

Blaucraut designs elegant casual wear which is comfortable to wear and enables a very self confident appearance. For women who also have to represent occupational a reasonable personality the clean cuts and high quality fabrics are giving a compelling silhouette. 
The fabrics used are mainly produced in Holland and Italy. All items are produced handmade in our store at Boxhagener Platz, Gärtnerstrasse 7, in 10245 Berlin.

Store:     Gärtnerstrasse 7, 10245 Berlin 
Phone:   +49(0)

Blaucraut is made by graduate fashion designer Cläre Caspar.